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Vodka Lowers Blood Pressure:
BP meds are usually intolerable for me and I always stop taking them, but this information could help doctors who have a full understanding of human biology figure out what mechanisms are at play here and with such knowledge could get to the root of why my BP is so high. My ultimate goal is to correct the problem with diet and herbs, preferably not with toxic medications that will kill me in the long run.

When I present this information to my endocrinologist she is not intrigued by this information and simply explains that alcohol causes more harm than good with no concept of why I am intrigued with this. Other than taking nitroglycerin this is the only thing I have found that rapidly lowers my blood pressure. I am not implying that a person should be drinking vodka day and night, but instead understanding why this is occurring may pinpoint what is causing the hypertension. More at the bottom of this post.

8:23 AM 1/14/16
216-137 P 85
4PM Drinking 4oz of Vodka with 12 oz of natural Grape Juice
203-123 P 67
197-129 P 80
6PM Drinking another 4oz of Vodka with 12 oz of Grape Juice
176-113 P 85
193-122 P 82
198-125 P 80
10PM Drinking another 4oz of Vodka with 12 oz of Grape Juice
157-83 P 80
I have reached near normal BP with continued drinking.

What always happens is the BP will rise again to extremely dangerous levels when not drinking. I drink like this once a month.

Here is an article I found online:

"Heavy drinking of Vodka and high blood pressure
By sunstress | 2 posts, last post over a year ago
My husband is 56 years old and is about 15 lbs over weight, smokes, his blood pressure is 210/110 ( he is on blood pressure medication already) and he drinks at least 6 oz's of vodka & 2 beers a night. I cannot convince him that he needs to stop smoking and exercise and cut down on his drinking. I tried to prove to him that drinking will raise his blood pressure even more,and I took his BP 20 minutes after each shot of Vodka and his BP would go down. By the time he had his 6 shot his BP was 130/78 so I lost my case. I guess I am asking you how can I prove to him that drinking so much is not good for him. Also I have looked for information on the affects of drinking alcohol and high cholesterol, but I cannot find anything related to that."

I tried to brainstorm why this is occurring.
My thoughts are that with me the vodka and grape juice (same as if I use orange juice) causes a large bowel movement and I urinate a lot. The bowel movement could be flushing toxins out of my body. Toxins in the blood constrict blood vessels. The drink could be causing a diuretic effect and flushing out built up sodium. Diuretics are the first line of defense, but bad if the patient does not like to drink water, this will only further dehydrate the patient... Lack of drinking large quantities of water could be why the patient has hypertension in the first place as some people carry more toxins in the blood than others, water flushes out the toxins and if a person is retaining water it's usually because they are dehydrated, therefore the best diuretic is to drink large quantities of water, I personally have always hated water, but I am doing better at drinking more water.

I also wondered if Vodka has a nutrient content, and it does.
It could be that it contains the nutrient that my body is lacking in:
distilled, 80 proof
Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1.5 fl oz
Calories 97
Sodium 0.4mg
Potassium 0.4mg
Phosphorus 2.1mg

It would be nice if someone could show more interest and intellect than my medical doctors. I suppose somebody geared more toward research, because knowing the mechanism is how new drugs are created, but I am far more interested in correcting the problem than treating the symptoms of the problem.

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All input is welcome.

Update 2/22/2016

Here is what I've got to date.
Phosphorous (found in Vodka) Lowers blood pressure
Alcohol increases Histamine which lowers blood pressure. Also cheese increases histamine, so people who drink wine and eat cheese it's said to lower blood pressure.
Alcohol increases Endorphins in the brain. Endorphins will lower blood pressure.
Alcohol affects the Medulla oblongata in the brain which controls heart rate and blood pressure.

Recent testing reveled some new numbers.
A very long time ago I read that alcohol enhances the absorption of both medications, supplements and food. Now when I do the same research I read the opposite, but the much earlier report seems to be true.
I have focused on a few items that are said to be good for circulation, one of them being an encapsulated Cayenne and Hawthorne Berry. Here are some readings.
9:43 AM
195-99 P 79
10:41 AM
189-109 P 83
4:02 PM
188-115 P 72
9:02 AM
182-100 P 69
12:30 PM
197-104 P 72

Took a walk 6 blocks
158-98  P 69Note: walks make a difference

Usual readings like above, then:
1:00 PM began drinking vodka and natural grape juice:
149-91 P86
Took a walk 2 blocks
140-93 P 100
Ate Spaghetti Squash with sausage and cheese and sprinkled 2 capsules of Cayenne pepper with Hawthorne powder, then I took a nap.
136-80 P 92
This is profound. Whatever is malfunctioning in my body to cause such high readings is being corrected by adding alcohol to my food and herbs. I'm not sure if vodka and grape juice is any different than wine but there truly does seem to be a benefit of drinking wine with a meal containing cheese and hot peppers. The alcohol seems to enhance the absorption of foods and is beneficial to a point.

Recently on Feb 4, 2016 my doctor. Dr John R Willard in Aurora CO and his Nurse Practitioner Marry Mullins dropped me as a patient after I presented this information to both of them. The only explanation in a certified letter was that they don't have the expertise to treat me anymore. This is a family practitioner. I would have expected a referral at the most and to refuse to treat my hypertension, but instead they flat out dump me telling me in the letter to take my files and find another doctor. This is extremely bizarre behavior as if there is a cover-up of some sort. Is there a simple solution to the epidemic of hypertension?
Am I hot on the trail and Dr Willard knows that if I uncover it I will go public and he will be blackballed by his peers and may lose his license to practice? The term quack is used for doctors that claim to heal health problems with anything other than the real cure... Modern day medical doctors do just that.

I have decided to order the Hawthorn Berry Syrup which is said to fix all problems with the heart including high blood pressure. I will report my results here.

Think for a moment, what is scurvy? What cures scurvy?
Scurvy was a disease that killed people with a great similarity of cancer symptoms. it mainly affected people on ships who only ate anything other than fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is the cure, or fruits and vegetables. The things the doctors or the medical association don't want you to know, is that we are not consuming anywhere near the amounts of fruits and vegetables we need to be consuming. it has been proven that people who go full vegetarian do normalize blood pressure and Diabetes disappears, this is a fact, yet medical doctors give you concoctions that never addresses the true underlying cause, that does make the medical doctor the quack, so I guess good riddance.

This does beg the question, why don't I then go full vegetarian?
Great question, I do add salads wherever I can, the salads still contain turkey, bacon bits etc.
For one, food is just as addictive as any hardcore drug, secondly, if you don't do it right you will become deficient in certain nutrients. That is such a drastic move I haven't figured out how to do it, I am not a big fan of spending hours in the kitchen, therefore I will get a Village inn cob salad. It has lettuce, Spinach, tomatoes, avocado, bleu cheese, hard boiled egg, turkey, etc. I see that as a balanced meal, meat, dairy, vegetable. That's where concentrates come in to make up for any deficiencies, that is the science anyway.

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